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20 Rainbow Lights

Set of 20 shaded screw-in Christmas lights by Pifco.

Photos of Rainbow Lights:


A set featuring colourful lanterns formed of translucent coloured discs around a glowing opaque white core. All shades have discs in four different colours, but in different orders.

Dates originally from around 1974, when the set was introduced as ‘Rainbow Lights’ with catalogue number 1303.

The set appears to have disappeared from the range by the early 1980s, but was then reintroduced during 1985 with the name ‘Christmas Rainbows’ and catalogue number 1344.

Technical details

Similarly-named models

Not to be confused with the earlier Rainbowlites set, catalogue number 1279. This was a set of 20 lights with five different colours of tubular shade.


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