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20 Tutti Frutti Lights

Set of 20 shaded Christmas lights by Pifco. Introduced sometime in the late 1980s and available till around 1992/3.

Tutti Frutti light shades, shown here on a non-Pifco lighting loom.


The set consists of an assortment of different shades taken from various other Pifco light sets. The usual consist was as follows:

Name on packagingColourSource setNotes
Optima LightPurple1308 OptimaReplaced with additional Cinderella Light in later batches.
Mini LanternRed1294 Mini Lanterns
Santa LightAmber1316 Santa Lights
WonderlightRed1331 Wonderlights
Crystal BellClear with green bulb1339 Crystal Bells
Holly LightBlue1340 / 1341 Holly Lights
Woodland LanternPurple1305 Woodland Lanterns
Pastel LightClear with coloured bulb1347 Pastel Lights
Rainbow LightRandom selection1344 Christmas RainbowsOriginal source 1303 Rainbow Lights.
Jewel LightGreen1353 / 1354 Jewel Lights
Festive LightYellow1313 Festive Lanterns
Sparkle LightRed1397 Sparkle Lights
Snow LanternAmber1345 Snow LanternsOriginal source 1330 Magic Lanterns.
Victorian LanternRed1325 Victorian Lanterns
Crystal LightClear with red bulb1232 Crystal Lights
Christmas StarGreen1333 Christmas Stars
Mini BellPurple1387 / 1388 Mini Bells
Cinderella LightPink1298 Cinderella LightsOriginal source 1282 Fairy Coach Lights.
Merry LightGreen1342 / 1343 Merry Lights
Crystal ChandelierClear1327 Crystal Chandeliers

The selection of shades appears to have been consistent over a long period of time, with no variation in the colour mix other than a seemingly random selection of which Rainbow Light variant was included.

Technical details

Pifco features

Sets produced by Pifco have certain characteristic features that typically differ from other manufacturers' sets.

Hallmarks of Pifco design that appear in this set include:


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