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20 Festive Lights

Set of 20 shaded screw-in Christmas lights by Pifco.

Photos of Festive Lights, catalogue number 1399:


A set featuring plastic shades which surround the bulb with eight fins in a star formation. These chunky star shapes are around 25mm across and 18mm deep. Six colours are present: amber, blue, clear, green, pink and red.

Lampholders on the set observed are around 27cm apart from each other.


An early version of this set appears to have been introduced in the late 1970s. It had fully integral lampholders, with the shade and lampholder moulded from the same piece of plastic.

The modernised version pictured here replaced its predecessor sometime before 1981, but seems to have then been discontinued before 1985.

With a relatively short lifespan of under ten years, this is a somewhat rare model.

Technical details

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Similarly-named models

Not to be confused with Festive Lanterns, catalogue numbers 1304 and 1313.

Packaging for Pifco's Tutti Frutti light set featured a Festive Lantern (catalogue number 1313) mislabelled on the package as a Festive Light.


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