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40 Frosted Lights

Sets of 40 unshaded push-in Christmas lights by Pifco.


The set pictured consists of 40 unshaded light bulbs in plain green holders.

The version pictured dates from around the year 2000, but was first introduced sometime in the late 1990s.

Bulbs have an unusual opaque finish in a rich claret red colour. One bulb per set is a standard white-tipped fuse bulb instead of red.

A generous packet of ten spare bulbs is included and a plug is ready-fitted.

Technical details

Frosted lighting range

Pifco produced different coloured sets of frosted lights:

A set of Frosted Lotus Lights (cat. no. 7336) with silver shades was also produced.

Similar opaque lights in various different colours were also produced by Noma under the 'Panache' name.


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