Pifco Christmas Lights Listing

Set-end Wiring Loop

A hallmark of Pifco lighting sets is their wiring structure.

Post-1950s sets featuring miniature screw-in or push-in light bulbs were typically wired in a straight line, with a flex formed of two twisted single cores in either white or translucent green, in common with most other manufacturers.

Pifco's sets differed from those of other companies in their handling of the final lamp in the set. Most makers simply terminated both strands of the flex in the final lampholder. In Pifco sets, wiring does not end at the final lampholder and instead runs on to form a loop at the end of the set.

Run-on loop example

Side-by-side comparison of Pifco lights with a competitor.

The competitor's set (above) ends at the final lampholder. The Pifco set (below) has an additional loop of wire past the final lampholder.


The extra wire can be of some benefit when trying to position the final lamp on a tree or secure a set around a window or a room.

It's not known whether this additional loop of cable originated as a deliberate feature, or was simply a manufacturing convenience. It remained a feature of sets even after wiring designs were revised to meet new standards in the early 1990s.


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